When organizing a closet, these are the most frequent questions I get: Should I change my hangers? Which hangers should I get? and, Which hangers do you recommend? and to be honest, the answer for those questions is… it depends! It will definitely depend on many factors, like for example:

Are your clothes getting damaged? Do you need to maximize space in your closet? Do you use those dry cleaners wire hangers? Do you have different types of hangers?
     In case you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then I think is better if you change your hangers. So, here comes the next question… Which hanger should I get? and this a really difficult decision to make as there are tons of types of hangers in the market these days… wood, velvet, plastic, acrylic, metallic, slim, with clips… you name it!, but your choice should only depend on your needs.
     In my opinion, having to many types of hangers in your closet could definitely cause visual clutter, and if this is something that is bothering you, then my recommendation to address this issue, without spending a penny, is to classify the hangers you already have, and use each type in one particular area in the closet, or each type for different types of clothes, for example: Wooden hangers for pants, pink velvet hangers for dresses and white plastic hangers for shirts. But, if you really want a very significant change in your closet without spending to much, the other way could be by checking which type of hanger you have the most and get that same type for the rest of your clothes. This will give a uniform look to your closet, alleviating that visual clutter without breaking the piggy bank.
     If the lack of space is your problem, then my recommendation without a doubt is the slim hanger. These hangers are absolutely the best thing ever, not only because they take less space than any other type of hanger, but because they have this perfect shoulder design that wont damage your clothes and, as an extra bonus, your clothes wont slip! Nice right? You will find these in different materials like plastic, velvet or metal and many colors to choose from, also you could get matching clips if you wish to hang shorts, skirts, etc.
     What about wooden or acrylic hangers? Well, I like those a lot, specially the wooden ones, because they have this elegant look that will transform any closet, but on the other side, they take lots of room per hanger and could be heavier than others, so, if you have the space and love their look as I do, go for it! 
     I have seen and worked with a lot of different types of hangers, and right now my favorite and best recommendation are the SONGMICS hangers. These hangers are “all in one” and the best part is that they are not expensive at all. The best feature, which I have to say I really love about these, is the “S” shape design, perfect for hanging t-shirts because it prevents the collar from being enlarged when hanging or unhanging the garment. They are slim, light weighted, have a non-slip design, made of plastic (which for me is better because the velvet could sometimes get on your clothes), have 360° swivel hooks and also come with these little sorts of hooks to hang camisoles. For now, these are my new favorites. 
     Like I said at the beginning, the decision will only depend on your needs, but here is a piece of advice… if you use those dry cleaners wire hangers, please get new ones asap! That type of hanger will damage your clothes with time, they will stretch the shoulder of your garment and they could get rusty which could cause stains, so let’s avoid that situation, and whenever you bring clothes from the cleaners, change the hanger before putting it into the closet.